Bélhème stud is located in Normandy
Since 20 years, we try to have a very good genetic for our mares and foals.
We have sport horses for jumping and thoroughbred for races.

Our Horses

In our website you can watch all of our horses, you juste have to choose race horses or sport horses and just look on the differents categories if you want to see the mares, the foals or juste the horses for sale.


We can offer many services for you, we have two systems of « birth alarms » for foalings, we can also take your horse in pension all the year.
We also offer a transport’s service for horses to go to the stallion or juste for a travel.

Contact us

For more informations about us, feel free to contact us !

Frédéric Aimez

Frédéric AIMEZ Tél : +33 // contact@elevagedebelheme.com

Laure Aimez

Laure AIMEZ Tél : +33 // contact@elevagedebelheme.com

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